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We sincerely welcome all of you to the ARIBIO H&B Co., Ltd. website.

Founded in 2019, Aribio H&B Co., Ltd. is an OEM/ODM company specializing in developing functional ingredients, producing health functional foods and cosmetics.
We also develop and produce new products and health functional food ingredients through thorough research planning, basic research, and functional verification, focusing on R&D capabilities, and have a number of individually recognized materials and patents.

Date of establishment
Jeong-ok Lee
Business details
Food manufacturing/cosmetics, food, health functional foods, wholesale and retail, trade/ research and development

Under the management concept of "Best Customer Satisfaction," we are working hard to meet the customer's expectations with our customer-oriented thinking and actions. In addition, full-time employees are constantly striving to maximize customer satisfaction by providing better products and services based on Knowhow as a leading manufacturer of health functional foods and continuous development of new products.

We guarantee fair treatment, human rights, and a safe working environment for full-time employees. We actively reflect on related laws and customer requirements, such as free communication and minimization of environmental pollutants, and also we pursue transparent management, sustainable development, and improvement of the quality of life of stake holders through regular reviews.

We promise that we will continue to faithfully carry out the continuous change and innovation as a trusted company and the best health functional food manufacturing company by satisfying customers based on continuous management innovation and clear management performance.

Please keep your eyes on us with love and give us a lot of encouragement and support. Thank you.